Angel Armero (1985), photographer. Born in Menorca (Spain), currently based in London.

After trying  unsuccessfully  to get a law degree,  he decided to completely change his career  and do something he really liked. Thus he  decided to take up Technical studies in Image and Sound  in Institute Caparrella at  Lleida (Catalonia). By that time he began his new passion, Photography.  He discovered a completely new world full of possibilities that would lead him to one of the most impressive cities in the world, Barcelona. There he joined the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (IEFC), one of the best schools in Spain. He  completed the general course and graduated in Photography in 2012. The same year he also enrolled and completed a course in Fashion Photography and  lighting in Still Life advertising. Iin addition, he took part in  several group exhibitions like Stripart 2012, Un(der)title and Barcelona 180º.

With time running out and not many possibilities,  he  decided to chance a new challenge in his life. London would be the next station  in search of new experiences, acquire new knowledge and find new possibilities. Among its streets he spendt much of his time immortalizing all kinds of people and situations. Street Photography is his great love in photography, mainly because he feels identified in this field. Freedom, creativity and above all the desire to portray reality without hiding anything make this style his way of life.

His other great passion, traveling and learning about new cultures and completely different places, complement perfectly with photography. Always with camera in hand, he has portrayed numerous times in different places. His desire to explore led him to Nepal where he could live the great earthquake of April 2015. Certainly I seized the opportunity  to capture many images in the hardness of what had happened.

He has worked and collaborated in various fields of photography. He has worked for designers and fashion agencies in Barcelona, ​​he has collaborated with the well-known  SerranoBrothers study interior design and he also worked in the imaging department at the University of Lleida. In September 2015 one of his dreams came true since he came to London, his first collective exhibition at The Brick Lane gallery where  a series of images dealing  with the same area were exhibited. Certainly it was another good experience that has made it grow and mature as a photographer.

In the near future he wishes to move forward with new projects and challenges  both in the professional and personal life. He  certainly  will not leave anyone indifferent to his peculiar fresh unrestrained style.

Ángel Armero

Available to all types of partnerships, works, exhibitions or to purchase any of the photos on the web, contact the email address.